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Episode 80 — The Wake

This week on View from the Gutters our topic work is The Wake by Scott Snyder with art by Sean Murphy and colors by Matt Hollingsworth. The Wake is a strange tale that mixes elements of science fiction and horror. It begins with the story of Lee Archer, a marine biologist who is approached by the Department of Homeland Security to investigate a mystery on a secret underwater oil rig. Not all is as it first appears, however, and the story slowly evolves to encompass billions of years of human history and a struggle for the future of mankind.


Been writing at gaming sites for over a decade now. I do it as a hobby because it allows me to write about something I love while still keeping my job as a journalist because my hours are flexible as a game journalist, so I can pop a news article or game review in my off time at work.

Anyway, this whole Zoe Quinn thing has put lots of sites on high alert. I brought up the whole thing with coworkers at the site I work at, and they just dismissed the issue. when I pressed the issue the implication quickly turned from a dismissive handwave to a very threatening “talk about this any more and you will be fired.” I’ve been talking to some writers at other minor sites and this seems to be happening on all points. Every site is toeing the line because they are very afraid of what this might mean for the “industry” - and I use that term loosely because the game journalism industry is to the journalism industry where shitting in a kiddie pool is to Olympic Swimming. They feel that if the game industry were to suffer a schism of infighting due to this the integrity and credibility (which is funny, because they already had none) of game journalism would evaporate immediately. That’s why there’s this air of “we must remain united and hold the line. Anyone who breaks formation is a traitor who must be exterminated.”

Meanwhile, people don’t even want to hear that this Zoe Quinn whore isn’t worth defending. A lot of people (like myself) who are saying this only do game journalism as a hobby and have main jobs elsewhere (one of the editors at another site is an engineer IIRC), so our pull within our respective sites is not great. Thus, if we try listing off everything she’s done, the general reaction is “that’s a lie. There is no solid proof. There is no evidence. Slander her again and be destroyed,” despite the fact that, if this was a crime and the evidence was put forth in front of a jury, they would take all of a fucking half hour to convict her of being a sociopathic slut and sentence her.

I am tendering my resignation as we speak, as are some writers for other sites. This industry is beyond corrupt. It is beyond destructive. It’s become a cult, so bloated on its own self-righteousness and loathing of everyone who doesn’t conform to the hivemind that it is that it’s impossible to stay and not become either part of that hivemind or completely fucking insane.

se: eggzactly.

this isn’t just an issue of “whore fucks around and drags down women/sets feminism back.” this is a critical problem with women across the board. once they get hired they cannot be fired unless they are caught doing something illegal.

just ask any man who has dealt with HR complaints what women in the office are really like. they can’t be dealt with on any level, because they are treated like rock stars with CEO clout. a lot of guys in STEM are being driven out of their jobs because the ladies in marketing think nerdy guys are “too unattractive” to even be in their presence.

 Cool Mod: I feel like these people who write in are like foreign correspondents and industry analysts. Like we’re some kind of bigshot news organization all of a sudden.

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