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So before I go see the new movie I decided to check out some Planet of the Apes comics from BOOM! Studios without knowing anything regarding the plot and the overall reception of the series.

It is surprisingly good.

Nothing groundbreaking and it is a bit predictable even with my very limited knowledge about the franchise, but otherwise it is a very solid series of trades so far (I’m about to start Volume 3, “Children of Fire”). No idea how well did it work as a monthly book, though. 

My two favoritve aspects of the book is a) it portrays the conflict in a very realistic and adult way without falling into the now overused and tiring “grey and gray morality” trope and b) every character feels fully fledged despite they are fairly archetypical in their initial roles in the story. There is no definitive main protagonist here, this is more like the POV storytelling done right in a medium that has a third person perspective by default, by which I mean that Daryl Gregory, in my opinion, finds just the right balance between dialogue and narration in order to convey character motivations, attributes, etc. 

Highly recommended if interested in some old school sci-fi with moderately subtle social commentary.  

please GTFO of my hobby and never ever come back, please I beg you

you idiots who want to see Remender fired are literally beyond reason

why the hell do you even bother reading anything beyond your carefully edited dashboard? 

just… just fuck off. please

play with mud in the backyard, it’s at least gender neutral and certainly doesn’t have any prejudices against your snowflake identity whatever it may be

fuck you weinersoldier, Rick Remender is awesome

and fuck all the other couch activist SJWs dissing the guy too

that is all 

(people complaining about two fictional characters getting laid while being drunk. for fucks sake… I envy your problems)

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