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It’s interesting how this series disregards like a dozen basic rules of storytelling with each episode, yet still manages to stay engaging - sometimes by only a thread, but still.

And don’t get me wrong, House of Cards is very far from unconventional in this regard: fourth wall breaking narration is one of the most generic and maybe the laziest way to present exposition to the viewer right up to expository dialogue which is the second most frequent method the show utilizes. Pseudo-conflicts and non-existent character development leading to absolutely unidentifiable caricatures of people who cannot exist in the same reality the show built up for itself - why the hell am I keep watching? 

The same reason how House, M.D. fooled me for four seasons: I really like to feel smart while I indulge in easily digestible entertainment, yet still, I am not smart enough to deal with not so much of the harshness, but the specific rules of how medicine (House), the economy (Wolf of Wall Street), police investigation (True Detective) and politics (HoC) work.

Let this be a wake up call to myself that I should reach expert level at something that is actually interesting, because now it seems to me that I’m the very definition of a boring person. Then again, non of these “protagonists” seem particularly happy to me on the long run. 

Fuck, planning a lifestyle is difficult. I go back watching HoC. 

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